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Organizing a Murder paperback and ebook

12 mystery events for a wide range of ages. Play with any number of players, and have an event that's anything from a simple treasure hunt to a complex murder mystery. Just £10.20 for the ebook or £14.99 for a paperback that includes everything you need - just cut out answer sheets, clues and evidence to play.

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Make your own Mystery ebook

Can’t find a game that’s just the way you want it?

Our do-it-yourself guide provides all you need to write your own. Just £7.20

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Dressed to Kill

Don’t want to spend too much? Our bargain-priced downloadable murder mystery kit at £8.40.

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A superb range of downloadable party packs from Freeform games, starting at £20.

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Party boxes

A full physical game in a box with all the materials you need to have a great evening.

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Event organizers

Want the professionals to put on your event? Check out some UK-based organisers.

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Want a break from events? Why not sit back and enjoy a good old fashioned murder mystery with Brian Clegg’s detective novels A Lonely Height and A Timely Confession.

In A Lonely Height, when Stephen Capel moved to his first parish in a rural village after four years as a prison chaplain he expected a quiet life. Not to discover a drowned man in the ruined tower on top of Glastonbury Tor. Dealing with an increasingly complicated relationship with the local police, Capel begins to suspect that there is a link between this death and the murder of a famously eccentric photographer in Glastonbury Abbey the year before. His quest takes him to the sophisticated streets of Bath and up onto the ancient white horse at Uffington. In the end, though, it's Capel's understanding of people that will make or break the case.

In A Timely Confession, we find Stephen Capel settled into his first parish in the village of Thornton Down. As Christmas approaches, an unlikely confession of murder throws Capel into a complex and dangerous investigation. A software developer has been killed just before the launch of a make or break new product. While trying to help those left behind, Capel is pulled into the mystery of who really killed Mark Nelson. As Capel attempts to cope with an upheaval in his private life and to help those whose lives are torn apart by a second murder, he must search the snow-covered streets of Bath for answers before another victim dies.

The Stephen Capel Mysteries bring the classic British detective story into the twenty-first century.
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